We're performing very soon at Kultur Büro Elisabeth in Berlin!


Performative Video-Choir-Sound-Installation / перформативна відео-хор-звукова-інсталяція

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„Embodiment has us remember our own wildness. When we remember ourselves we become less controllable and more real.” @the.embodiment.institute

Together with my dear friend Asia, founder of Sensib Bodywork, amazing body worker & researcher, specializing in Thai massage and Osteothai, very soon we will hold a safe space for you in Prezlauer Berg, Berlin. A space of the transformation and togetherness, where you will experience a tender activation of somatic intelligence and vocal practices which will help you to slow down, regulate yourself, soothe your nerve system, work on resilience and connect to the profound inner dimensions of your whole being.

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“If we are looking for models of self-sustaining communities, we need to look no further than an old-growth forest." Robin Wall Kimmerer

I have a great pleasure to be a part of a beautiful, outdoor event by new visions in the Grunewald forest, Berlin. In the frames of “Down to Earth”, I will hold a space for you to explore your inner sound being and raise your vocal awarness in relation to the environment. That means – we will whisper to the leaves, sing to the trees an call out our lovers through a spacy, green, forest body! We will open our ears wider to a soundscape, observing the herds of acoustic waves floating through our bodies each second. And we will embrace all those not planned, unique interractions in-between human and more-than-human beings.

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Sing for Ukraine!

Crossing Distance - Wandering Voice - Oj tam daleko @Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände

Upcoming Premiere: "Crossing Distance - Wandering Voice" - 27th & 28th of November 2021:

Premiere "Who'd Have Thought That Snow Falls"

Photography: Stefanie Kulisch

"Root of a Song" workshop & outdoor performance as a part of We Do Festival 2020, @Høymagasinet, Oslo

Photography: Piotr Wrega