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Otucha Collective is heading to Austria!

This year’s edition of flora pondtemporary focuses on questions of relationality, that is, the way in which human and more-than-human living beings and other entities are connected to one another. Life is made possible by numerous exchange processes, forms of intra- and interaction on a microbiological, ecological and socio-political level. Actually, having a body always means being in a relationship or part of a complex relationship structure. How do we shape these relationships and how do they shape us?

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2nd photo by Kasia Sekula

Breathing Rivers: Vagarosas / Premiere at Radialsystem / 20.07.23 / 20:30

“We dance like the dew when it evaporates, waltzing its last dance with the grass, with the leaves, with the spider’s web, finding its new companion in the wind, in the sky, becoming a cloud, the one that caresses the mountains.”

Vagarosas by Lina Gomez soon in Radialsystem 

Photo: ©Dieter Hartwig

Villarrica Song (6th of June 2023)

 Voice: Paulina Miu // Video: Felipe Lara

Greenhouse - PREMIERE (18th of April 2023)

Wildfire. Storms and hurricanes. Air pollution. Salinity. Flood. How to create a community in the times of drastic changes and unexpected events? Together with Tereza YakovynaMatthias Schönijahn and Vira Khorsun we’ve holding a space in Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel to answer ths question. 

Photo by Ivanka Kate Yakovyna

Greetings from Chile! (25th of March 2023)

I am currently on a residency in the frames of “Vagarosas” project by choreographer Lina Gomez.  It’s an investigation that explores the connection between dance and geological movements, in particular the cycles of the mountain and the volcano. In mid-July of this year, the result of this research will be presented at Radialsystem, Berlin.

Here in Chile, we are hosted by Fundación Mar Adentro.

Photo by Paulina Miu

Greetings from Libken! (8th of March 2023)

Spring still hides in the shadows of winter but the energy is floating, forming the new exiting shapes. I am currently on a residency at Libken e.V., an artspace in the rural countryside northeast of Berlin located in an former socialist ‘Plattenbau’. Together with Jan-Tage Kühling, Ola Zielinska, Agnieszka Roz, Tereza Yakovyna, Philipp Goll, we are exchanging views on possible practices, networks, and platforms in an open group research process.

Photo by Tereza Yakovyna 

Otucha Collective just turned one year old! (5th of March 2023)

I am deeply thrilled that a constellation of amazing women – Otucha Collective, which I have a pleasure to initiated, is turning one year old! That was a year full of growth and sounding in the different environments with the different beings. I am so happy! Floating on this unique energy of our Anniversary, we’ve prepared Otucha Sound Ceremony to celebrate the magic of community, togetherness and sound.  

Graphic design by Ola Zielinska


Upcoming Premiere of Svetlana Alexievich's - "The Unwomanly Face of War" in Theater Freiburg (1st of March 2023)

I am thrilled to slowly close up the intensive process of creating sound design, composing songs and facilitate voice practice for actresses for the theater play “The Unwomanly Face of War” (Der Krieg hat kein weiblisches Gesicht) directed by Malgorzata Warsicka. This theater play was based on a book by Svetlana Alexievich – “The Unwomanly Face of War”. The whole huge team working was amazing and I feel deep gratitude for this journey and for voices of women, their stories, floating as one river.

Premiere on 10th of March in Theater Freiburg.

Photo by Rainer Muranyi

Sounding together in SomoS Gallery (5th of February 2023)

Together with Ola Zielinska from Otucha Collective I have a pleasure to give a voice performance and facilitate a voice practice as a part of “Treehumana” by Matthias Schönijahn

All that happened in SomoS Arts in the frames of Response-ability curated by Yeni Ma (마예니) –  Groningen, Netherlands-based independent curator and scholar, whose work focuses on the symbiotic relationship between humanity, other species, and nature.

Photo by SomoS Arts

Greenhouse Project is officialy in process! (12th of January 2023)

Together with a team of Tereza Yakovyna, Tetiana Kornieieva and Matthias Schönijahn and with a co-production of the Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafelwe want to deal with the phenomenon of community – their basic conditions, practices and power relations, the conditions of caring and sharing, the processes of integration. 

Premiere: April 2023

Image by Tereza Yakovyna

IMPULS Festival in Halle (22th of October 2022)

Together with Otucha Collective, I had a pleasure to initiate a series of voice intervations and facilite voice practice in the frames of IMPULS Festival in Halle. 

Photo by Peter Adamik 

We're performing very soon in Unidram Festival, Potsdam! (14th of October 2022)

WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT THAT SNOW FALLS 2022 – Performative Video-Choir-Sound-Installation / перформативна відео-хор-звукова-інсталяція, tomorrow in the frames of Unidram Festival. Save your ticket.

Photo by Stefanie Kulisch

Migrating Voices workshop at We Do Festival 2022 (18th of September 2022)

I had a huge pleasure to facilitate a 4 days long workshop “Migrating Voices” in the frames of Contemporary Polish Arts & Culture Festival We Do in Oslo. There was a lot of sounding and sharing waves together! I am grateful and so much inspired!

Photo by Piotr Wrega

We're performing very soon at Kultur Büro Elisabeth in Berlin! (20th of August 2022)

WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT THAT SNOW FALLS 2022 – Performative Video-Choir-Sound-Installation / перформативна відео-хор-звукова-інсталяція will be presented on 27th & 28th of August at Kultur Büro Elisabeth. Save your ticket.

Video by Johannes Plank

Otucha Collective during a site specific vocal performance at Odra river shore! (12th of July 2022)

Otucha Collective had a big pleasure to perform in the frames of Liederlauschen am Rand last Saturday! We sang just by the Odra River’s shore, tuning into her, sharing our waves with her and receiving back huge amounts of vital energy!  

Photo: Joe Doe Photography & Design

Greetings from Kurpie! (18th of June 2022)

Together with Matthias Schönijahn and Ewa Brokos we are on a research trip in Kurpie, Poland. Here – having a good laugh with Mrs. Olesia. Kurpie region has it’s own musical treasure – so called forest songs, which  have a different sound than songs in any other region. Musicologists find unique features in forest songs, common with Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian music, which would indicate their roots dating back to the early Middle Ages, before the Migration Period.

Photo: Matthias Schönijahn 

Orbit - performance by Mariana Romagnani (11th of May 2022)

What a pleasure to share my voice and drumming in the frames of Mariana Romagnani‘s performance “Orbit” in Pavillon Freundschaftsinsel in the frames of Potsdamer Tanztage 2022.

“If we are looking for models of self-sustaining communities, we need to look no further than an old-growth forest." Robin Wall Kimmerer (10th of May 2022)

I have a great pleasure to be a part of a beautiful, outdoor event by new visions in the Grunewald forest, Berlin. In the frames of “Down to Earth”, I will hold a space for you to explore your inner sound being and raise your vocal awarness in relation to the environment. That means – we will whisper to the leaves, sing to the trees an call out our lovers through a spacy, green, forest body! We will open our ears wider to a soundscape, observing the herds of acoustic waves floating through our bodies each second. And we will embrace all those not planned, unique interractions in-between human and more-than-human beings.

Sing for Ukraine! (26th of February 2022)

Photo by Paulina Miu Kühling

Crossing Distance - Wandering Voice - Oj tam daleko video is out! (10th of December 2021)

Premiere of Crossing Distance - Wandering Voice @Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände (27th of November 2021)

Upcoming Premiere: "Crossing Distance - Wandering Voice" - 27th & 28th of November 2021

Premiere "Who'd Have Thought That Snow Falls" - 1st of October 2021


"Root of a Song" workshop & outdoor performance as a part of We Do Festival 2020, @Høymagasinet, Oslo

Photography: Piotr Wrega