Crossing Distance – Wandering Voice

Performative concert @ Naturpark Schöneberg: 27. & 28.11. 2021, 12h

The performative choir project Crossing Distance – Wandering Voice was specially composed for the Schöneberger Südgelände Nature Park as an impression of the acoustic experiences on site. The basis for the composition are traditional Eastern European chants as well as elements of experimental voice work.
The inspiration for the project were the experiences of physical distance in recent months, as well as the Südgelände nature park itself, which in times of lockdown became a place of contemplation and relaxation for many people. Between industrial and technological history on the one hand, and a thoroughly ‘cultural’ nature on the other, the area acts as a heterotopia, as a crossroads of different spaces, energies and times.
Crossing Distance – Wandering Voice is a performative event that is framed by the soundscape of the natural space and asks about different ways of experiencing and perceiving technology, tradition and nature in and through distance.
At the same time, the project refers to the acoustic quality of the place between space, body and movement, closeness and distance. We ask: how can we be with one another through and through the space that surrounds us – also across distance?
Project participants:
Agnieszka “Bua” Bułacik
Ola Zielińska
Martyna Poznańska
Ewa Brokos
Jan-Tage Kühling
Paulina Miu Kühling
Lena Strützke
Kamila Humienna
Monika Humienna
Concept: Jan-Tage & Paulina Miu Kühling
Composition: Paulina Miu Kühling
Direction, Choreography: Jan-Tage Kühling

Photos: Anna Jasniak


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