Heresong: Cybina (2018)

Heresong / Cybina is a site specific composition for 5 female voices, space and the micro-tensions and occurances between them.
The process of composing „heresong” is based on the mapping of the accousting environment, deep listening and the conscious vocal participation in it.
This vocal performance, immersed into soundscape of the given place, motivates the listener to „open its ears wider”.
Embracing the unknown occurances in the soundscape is strong force in here. The Cybina river flows through Poznan – the half million popullation city in west Poland. In “heresong” two forces meets – the composed sound of the “raw” human voice and the multilayered sound tissue of a given unique place with its specific accoustic parameters – a soundscape.

Heresong invites to listen more consious the space around. To pay attention to detail as well as to immerse into strong, overwhelming sounds. To build a personal listening experience through relation with a sound layer of reality.


Idea and Realisation – Paulina Miu Kühling // Performers – Paulina Miu Kühling, Martyna Gibes, Malwina Paszek, Luiza Raczyło, Dominika Szelążek // Special Thanks – Anna Gruszka