Body Time Space: residency @ radialsystem (2020)

„Centers fly around the surface. One is yellow another is blue another one is windy and too quick to be associated with any color. At times the floor shifts out of horizontality and the whole world is in schieflage. there is no end to this surface, it shifts through universes, probably is one on its own, it is suspended in time. When i stand on my hands and feet, the belly bottom arching away from the floor, i lose all sense of direction. We eat light. We cut light. We concentrate in one strong grounded pile, as trees that move in circles, as wood that grows in a timelapse. We see the world passing by. we give it our love.
I find a connection between my little finger and my sitbones. Streams of light flashing through the torso. then index to knees. then thumbs to belly bottom the index to heels. Then little finger to hip summit. Twisting through the whole system pulsing up in waves and curves and spirals. I see details in peer bodies. my friends. the ridge of the hand the shoulder the dome of a foot. Sound emerges out of our throats in unison with the birds.”

Julek Kreutzer

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Idea and Realisation – Lina Gómez
Vocal Practice & Composition – Paulina Miu Kühling
Sound Design – Michelangelo Contini 
Performers – Julek Kreutzer, Kiana Rezvani, Mariana Romagnani, Lena Strüzke, Kasia Wolińska
Light design – Bruno Pocheron