Vocal Works

As human beings we are vocal beings. We are lucky to gain the very powerful organic instrument to express ourselves. Voice starts in one individual but it connects you with the outer world further than your body. It is our basic tool to communicate with other people and beings. But somehow, in daily life we’re using only a small amount of the real abillities of our voice. And mostly for talking. But there is so much more to do with it…And here my true vocal interest starts – in this specific part which is hidden and appears so rarely. When we are angry, when we’re making love, when we are performing. When we’re simply need to scream IT ALL out, stuck in the car in a traffic or taking a shower or walking in the forest. (Statistically, in those areas we’re vocally act the most freely.) This part of our voices is often neglected and if it won’t get any attention from us — it will sneak through and ruin our daily life by provoking stress, tensions, lack in self-confidence and finally — more anger. And the good news are – working with your voice could be like recognizing an old, good friend. Believe me – it’s worth to build a healthy relationship with it.

What is my method?

I have an access to a unique mixture of different educational tools. In my method you will find elements of a solid, classical vocal warm-up with a pinch of an academic, music therapeutic approach but there is also a huge part of it which is more wild and flexible. This field of my method is an effect deep research in voice matter as a vocal performer, sound designer as well as emotional and collective being. Working with people with different backgrounds in variety of situations gave me the opportunity to observe and learn. To wide my knowledge by pure experience – this is the core of my work and method. I’ve created my own breathing, vocal & relaxation exercises. I compose those exercises in sets dedicated to given purpose. With those exercises I’m fluently shaping the process of each collective or individual vocal situation. Through 15 years of my vocal exploration I settled down my own sets of exercises, many of which come from my background of archaic rural singing.