Paulina Miu Kühling

Paulina Miu Kühling is a vocal artist, composer, folk singer and voice researcher. She perceives the human voice as a multidimensional tool of expression and empowerment as well as a medium of care and understanding towards oneself and other human and non-human beings. In her work she merges contemporary vocal elements with traditional folk songs and chants from a diverse cultural context with a focus on Slavic musical heritage. 

Paulina Miu is deeply interested in building temporary singing communities and facilitating collective and personal growth through conscious voice practice. Since 2015 she has been developing her own method of voice work “creatura vocalia” based on a holistic approach deeply respecting the whole person as a sounding being, supporting self-regulation and domestication process of inner “vocal creature”. 

In 2015 she obtained her BA in music therapy at the Music Academy, Lódz (PL) and in 2017 – her MA in intermedia at the University of Arts, Poznan (PL). During 2011–2016 she was a performer & composer in Wegajty Theatre (PL).

In 2022 Kühling initiated Otucha Collective – a vocal ensemble based in Berlin, building its practice on the phenomenon of human voice and its healing & empowering qualities in the contexts of community building, social relations and environment.

Paulina Miu performed and facilitate workshops internationally, solo as well as in diverse artistic constellations a.o in: Fundacion Mar Adentro, Santiago de Chile (CL), Uferstudios, Berlin (DE), Freiburg Theater (DE), Radialsystem, Berlin (DE), Berliner Festspiele, Berlin (DE), Institut for (X), Aarhus (DK), Netzwerk IMPULS, Halle (DE), Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule, Halle (DE), Jatiwangi Art Factory, Java (ID), Arko Theatre/ Mullae Arts Space, Seoul (KR), Between Sky & Sea, Herdla (NOR), Binaural/Nodar, Vouzela (PRT), Teatr Kana, Szczecin (PL), Contexts, Sokolowsko (PL), Munetik Symposium, Yerevan (AM).

She currently lives and works in Berlin.


Photo by Paulina Miu Kühling