OTUCHA Collective

We are OTUCHA Collective – five women from Poland, permanently living in Berlin. We’re deeply interested in Slavic folk songs and how they bond, support and nourish the given community. We are joyfully exploring the phenomenon of human voice and its healing & empowerment potential in the contexts of social relations and environment. 

We perceive traditional song as a sound being which carries in its DNA a memory of the old old times and unique knowledge that has no beginning and that does not belong to anyone.

“Otucha” is a polish word describing an act of care between two beings. To give ‘otucha’ to someone is to surround with encouragement and comfort a person getting through a challenging moment in life. 


Otucha Collective summons sound energies from the past and dares to mix them with a voice from here and know, creating a vocal performance which invites to a profound listening experience and send a pure ray of light straight to your heart.

.Otucha is a whisper in your ear, soothing down your nerve system, telling that you are not alone. Otucha is a strong, loud howl in the open space to wake you up and help you feel your heart and all the glowing particles of good in this world.

If you would like to share your time-space with us, we can gladly offer our voices in the form of site specific concert/voice performance as well as facilitate voice workshop. Reach us out with any question via: otuchacollective@gmail.com

Instagram: @otucha_collective